Our Customized Approach

Collaborative Momentum Consulting was established to help the nursing education community provide a superior educational experience for students and produce the best outcomes possible. Whether you are starting a new program, preparing for accreditation, writing a new curriculum, or developing faculty, Collaborative Momentum Consulting can lighten your load and help speed you to successful completion.

Our name exemplifies the approach we take to working with you. We believe the best results are achieved when your team and ours work together to meet your vision. This approach assures that the plan is realistic in your environment and that your team feels a sense of pride and ownership in the outcomes. At the same time, we understand the considerable time constraints placed on nurse educators in today’s busy world. By providing additional resources along with an unbiased perspective and over four decades of experience, we can provide the momentum you need to overcome challenges and accomplish your goals.

Collaborative Momentum Consulting uses the proprietary VCST™ framework to help you achieve your goals. In this framework we:

  • Define the Vision (or outcome) you would like to achieve
  • Identify the Challenges that stand in the way of accomplishing this vision
  • Develop Strategies to overcome the challenges
  • Develop Tactics to implement the strategies that are developed
VCST Framework™ process
Collaborative Momentum Consulting’s VCST Framework

This approach has proved successful in a wide range of situations across the U.S. and abroad. We are confident that it will be effective in helping you achieve your vision too.