Cathy Converse (Bailey)

Cathy Converse

Cathy Converse (Bailey) brings a wealth of experience to her role as Managing Director of Collaborative Momentum Consulting. Cathy has spent 36 years in the health care publishing industry developing, selling, and marketing digital and print educational information tools.  Her skills propelled her into a variety of leadership positions, culminating in the role of Executive Director of Consultation and Implementation Services at Elsevier, where she launched multiple new initiatives, including consulting services and customer experience programs. These responsibilities developed her competence in:


  • Leading change, including the development of strategic plans
  • Facilitating decision-making to achieve specific, measurable outcomes
  • Mentoring employees in their professional development
  • Designing and implementing outreach projects that educate and inspire customers

Having held roles in marketing, customer engagement, consulting services, product development and sales, Cathy has developed a keen understanding of the needs of her clients and customers and the challenges they face in today’s complex work environment. Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, she thrives on finding newer, better, and more efficient ways to accomplish goals. In the process she’s discovered that her absolute favorite things to do are launching new initiatives and developing and mentoring employees and teams to achieve greatness.

At Collaborative Momentum Consulting Cathy provides the following services:

  1. Organizational staff development and leadership training to prepare employees to:
  • Manage change
  • Supervise and evaluate others
  • Manage projects
  1. Facilitating decision-making for teams, boards, and other groups
  2. Lead organizational initiatives or provide support for employees who are responsible for these initiatives
  3. Developing and readjusting brands to align with an organization’s strategy