Courageous Leadership

We are passionate about developing courageous leaders and helping them grow! We offer training programs to help rising women and men become courageous leaders, based on our research and years of leadership experience in corporations, non-profits, and academic settings.

“Courage is a love affair with the unknown.” –Osho

 Why courageous leadership?
Today’s work environments are complex and can sometimes be divisive as people struggle to achieve a vision with limited resources. In these times, the world needs courageous leaders who know that the way forward requires collaborative communication, flexibility, connectivity with team members, and focus on the vision. Courage may be the only attribute that supports leaders to uphold their values and make tough decisions precisely when it is most difficult to do so.

Courageous leadership places special emphasis on key “soft skills” because they are critical when interacting with people in challenging situations. Our research has identified 10 characteristics that define courageous leadership. They are:

Risk-taking • Connectivity • Communication • Empowerment • Decisiveness •
Honesty • Trustworthiness • Self-Awareness • Resilience • Persistence

We believe that both the process and the outcomes are better with courageous leadership, and we’d like to do what we can to help more people lead in this way. We offer workshops and presentations for any group or organization interested in courageous leadership. We also offer courageous leadership programs designed specifically for women.

New Workshop Available! 
Courageous Leadership: Effective, Authentic Skills for Today’s Complex World: Develop your courageous leadership skills and help students master these skills. Teaching and learning strategies designed to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of critical soft skills necessary to be a courageous leader in a variety of professional situations will be explored.

Other leadership services include:

  • New leader mentoring
  • Change management and leadership expertise
  • Interim Dean services
  • Staff development strategies
  • Facilitated decision-making support
  • Strategic planning

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