Faculty Development

Now offering Virtual Workshops!
We are pleased to offer our faculty development workshops virtually! We’ve pulled the most important information–and interactive exercises–from our workshops to present them in a format and time-frame that works in a “Zoom” setting. Most virtual workshops are about three hours long (including a break) and typically offer 2.5 contact hours. 
Contact us to schedule a workshop at your school.

Educate and motivate your faculty! We offer full- or half-day workshops covering  core competencies and topics of interest for nursing and health professions faculty; most include continuing education credits. Topics include:

  • NEW! Continuous Program Improvement: Discover the factors that differentiate successful nursing programs from ones that struggle to prepare students for success on NCLEX and in practice. Building on the NCSBN’s groundbreaking 2020 study on quality indicators for nursing education programs, explore the six domains that evidence shows have the most impact on the success of a nursing program.
  • NEW! Curriculum: The Heart of the Nursing Program: Whether you are creating a new curriculum or revising an existing one, learn the steps to developing a nursing curriculum that will prepare students for success on the NCLEX and in practice.
  • NEW! The New Essentials: The AACN is re-envisioning The Essentials, its educational framework for preparing nurses in colleges and universities. Learn about the new Core Competencies and strategize how to implement them in your nursing program.
  • Test Item Writing to Foster Clinical Judgment: Learn how to write test items that foster critical thinking and clinical judgment in your students and help them succeed on the NCLEX or other certification exams. Current results from the NCSBN Next Generation NCLEX project will be presented.
  • Next Generation NCLEX: Developing Clinical Judgment: Prepare for the future while improving students’ clinical judgment today. The NCSBN’s Next Generation NCLEX initiative will change nursing education profoundly. Discover how teaching strategies that focus on developing clinical judgment are essential to preparing your students for Next Gen NCLEX and learn strategies you can implement into your curriculum now to prepare your students for licensure success and competent nursing practice.
  • The Multi-Generational Classroom: From baby boomers to millennials and now “Gen Z,” learn practical strategies for structuring learning experiences to emphasize each generation’s strengths while setting clear standards necessary for professional practice.
  • Teaching Strategies for Student Engagement: Discover practical strategies to engage your nursing students by creating learner-centered lesson plans that transform classrooms and clinicals into active learning experiences while improving critical thinking skills.
  • Improving Student Retention: Explore strategies to improve your program’s retention rates, including the use of pre-admission assessments to identify students likely to succeed, early identification of students at risk, and teaching and remediation methods that encourage knowledge retention.
  • Using Remediation to Improve Clinical Judgment: Discover best practices for developing, evaluating, and revising remediation processes for students using results of the NCSBN Strategic Job Analysis (2018) as the framework for discussing a comprehensive remediation process.
  • Concept-Based Curriculum: Options and Opportunities: Whether you’re just starting a CBC, are looking to improve your teaching strategies, or want to incorporate concepts into a traditional curriculum, you will learn how conceptual learning can improve students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Courageous Leadership: Effective, Authentic Skills for Today’s Complex World: Develop your courageous leadership skills and help students master these skills. Teaching and learning strategies designed to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of critical soft skills necessary to be a courageous leader in a variety of professional situations will be explored.

We are happy to customize workshops to your specific needs. Please contact us if you have a specific topic in mind.