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Collaborative Momentum is committed to helping nursing programs prepare their students for success on the NCLEX examination and, more importantly, nursing practice as a novice nurse.

Next Generation NCLEX is here, and it’s changing the way we educate students. We offer services to help you prepare your program, faculty, and students to succeed on the NGN. We can leverage our extensive experience in nursing education and support of student success to meet the emphasis on clinical judgment required by the NGN.

NCLEX Success Assessment Survey 2.0 (N-SAS) ®

Quickly and affordably identify program weaknesses that could be impacting your NCLEX pass rates.

N-SAS 2.0 is a powerful assessment tool that identifies how your program’s policies and practices align with best practices for NGN success. Learn more here.

Please contact us to discuss how N-SAS can help your program.

NEW! Set for Success Program

Prepare your students for the rigorous academic expectations of nursing school. Focusing on time management, study skills, and test-taking strategies to develop clinical judgment, this program sets your students up for success in nursing school, the NCLEX exam, and future practice. The program is organized into three modules, each approximately 90 minutes in length. We provide a curriculum with objectives, evidence-based lesson plans, and content outlines, and then train your faculty to deliver it to your students for optimal effectiveness. The program is then yours to use with your future cohorts. Set for Success is appropriate for both PN and RN programs.

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Faculty Development Workshops

We offer the following Faculty Development Workshops, both virtually and in person, to help you improve NCLEX performance–now and in the future.

  • Next Generation NCLEX: Developing Clinical Judgment: Prepare for the future while improving students’ clinical judgment today. The NCSBN’s Next Generation NCLEX initiative will change nursing education profoundly. Discover how teaching strategies that focus on developing clinical judgment are essential to preparing your students for Next Gen NCLEX and learn strategies you can implement into your curriculum now to prepare your students for licensure success and competent nursing practice.
  • Test Item Writing to Develop Clinical Judgment: Learn how to write test items that develop clinical judgment in your students and help them succeed on the NCLEX or other certification exams. Current results from the NCSBN Next Generation NCLEX project will be presented.
  • Using Remediation to Improve Clinical Judgment: Discover best practices for developing, evaluating, and revising remediation processes for students using results of the NCSBN Strategic Job Analysis (2018) as the framework for discussing a comprehensive remediation process.

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