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Collaborative Momentum is committed to helping nursing programs prepare their students for success on the NCLEX examination and, more importantly, nursing practice as a novice nurse.

Next Generation NCLEX is coming, and it’s going to change the way you educate students. We offer program assessments and faculty development workshops to help you prepare your program, your faculty, and your students to succeed on the NGN.  We can leverage our extensive experience in nursing education and support of student success to meet the emphasis on clinical judgment required by the NGN.

NCLEX Success Assessment Survey 2.0 (N-SAS) ®

Now Updated to include findings from the NCSBN 2020 Report!

Quickly and affordably identify program weaknesses that could be impacting your NCLEX pass rates.

When a nursing program’s NCLEX pass rates are lower than desired, it can be very difficult to determine what to do first to improve them. N-SAS 2.0 provides an assessment of the extent to which the policies and strategies your nursing program uses to prepare students for the NCLEX licensing examination—and ultimately, successful practice—meet best practices. Focusing on the factors evidence–including the recently published NCSBN Regulatory Guidelines and Evidence-Based Quality Indicators for Nursing Education Programs study–suggests have the greatest influence on NCLEX scores and nursing program success, information is collected from a select group of your key administrators and faculty leaders via an online survey. We then analyze the data and develop a prioritized plan of interventions to improve your program’s first-time NCLEX pass rate. This service allows you to quickly and affordably identify and address the issues that will have the biggest impact on your NCLEX scores. With the anticipated changes in the NCLEX examination, positioning your program for success has never been more important!

“The N-SAS tool and recommendations from Collaborative Momentum gave us a very strong start and much-needed direction to support our school’s efforts to elevate our NCLEX performance. The N-SAS tool and ongoing communication and evidence-based strategies shared from Susan and Cathy with their regular newsletters were invaluable in helping our NCLEX scores go from under 40% to over 80% in just one year. Thank you Collaborative Momentum!” –Sandra Boffa, Nursing Program Chair, Northwestern College

“The combination of the N-SAS survey results along with your presentation and participatory two day sessions to prepare faculty for NCLEX success at Cisco College was amazing! The faculty were very engaged and receptive to your evidence-based ideas and suggestions. It truly was just what we needed. There is no doubt it started the momentum for a high score on future NCLEX exams!” –Dr. Pearl Merritt, Regional Dean, Texas Tech University

Learn more about the evidence behind N-SAS here.

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Faculty Development Workshops

We offer the following Faculty Development Workshops to help you improve NCLEX performance–now and in the future:

  • NEW! Test Item Writing to Foster Clinical Judgment Virtual Workshop: Learn practical strategies to improve faculty competence in developing or revising tests items based upon the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model. Simple steps to improve the extent to which an item evaluates the clinical judgement of the test-taker will be discussed, as will strategies to maintain security of online exams. Despite using a virtual delivery platform, learners will have an opportunity to apply the principles discussed by reviewing their own faculty-developed tests. This workshop is delivered via Zoom and will award 2.5 contact hours.
  • Test Item Writing to Foster Clinical Judgment: Learn how to write test items that foster critical thinking and clinical judgment in your students and help them succeed on the NCLEX or other certification exams. Current results from the NCSBN Next Generation NCLEX project will be presented.
  • Developing Clinical Judgment in Class, Lab, and Clinical Experiences: Prepare for the future while improving students’ clinical judgment today. The NCSBN’s Next Generation NCLEX initiative will change nursing education profoundly. Discover how teaching strategies that focus on developing clinical judgment are essential to preparing your students for Next Gen NCLEX and learn strategies you can implement into your curriculum now to prepare your students for licensure success and competent nursing practice.

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