Introducing our newest service!

NCLEX Success Assessment Survey (N-SAS)

The N-SAS provides an assessment of the extent to which the policies and strategies your nursing program uses to prepare students for the NCLEX licensing examination—and ultimately, successful practice—meet best practices. Focusing in on the six factors evidence suggests have the greatest influence on NCLEX scores, information is collected from a select group of your key administrators and faculty leaders via an online survey. We then analyze the data and develop a prioritized plan of interventions to improve your program’s first-time NCLEX-pass rate. This service allows you to quickly and affordably identify and address the issues that will have the biggest impact on your NCLEX scores.

“Thank you for the NCLEX Success Assessment Survey (N-SAS) Analysis! This self-assessment provided NCTC with an outside set of expert eyes to identify gaps in our program. Just like the nursing process, assessment must come before interventions. This analysis did just that, it assessed our strengths and weaknesses and provided the program with evidenced based recommendation to focus our interventions.”  –Dr. Jane Leach, Nursing Program Chair, North Central Texas College

Collaborative Momentum Consulting offers a variety of services to nurse educators and other health careers faculty. Whether you’re starting a new program, updating a successful one, or addressing challenges, we can help you achieve your desired outcomes. Examples of our services include:

Program development, revision, and evaluation

  • Program assessment, with recommendations for change
  • Assessment of the feasibility of new programs
  • Curriculum development using a variety of frameworks (Systems based, concept based, competence based). This may include facilitating faculty decisions, and working with faculty to develop a curriculum plan, course descriptions and objectives.
  • Curriculum revision
  • Development of evaluation plans
  • Accreditation preparation strategies
  • Providing support for change

Faculty Development

We offer full- or half-day workshops covering the following core competencies for nursing and health professions faculty; most include continuing education credits. Topics include:

  • Test Item Writing to Foster Critical Thinking: Learn how to write test items that foster critical thinking in your students and help them improve their clinical judgement and succeed on the NCLEX or other certification exams.
  • Teaching Strategies for Student Engagement: Discover practical strategies to engage your students by creating learner-centered lesson plans that transform classrooms and clinicals into active learning experiences while improving critical thinking skills.
  • Concept-Based Curriculum: Options and Opportunities: Whether you’re just starting a CBC, are looking to improve your teaching strategies, or want to incorporate concepts into a traditional curriculum, you will learn how conceptual learning can improve students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • The Multi-Generational Classroom: From baby boomers to millennials, learn practical strategies for structuring learning experiences to emphasize each generation’s strengths while setting clear standards necessary for professional practice.
  • Improving Student Retention: Explore strategies to improve your program’s retention rates, including the use of pre-admission assessments to identify students likely to succeed, early identification of students at risk, and teaching and remediation methods that encourage knowledge retention.

Leadership development

  • New leader mentoring
  • Leading change

Key Note Addresses

Dr. Sportsman is a sought-after speaker within the higher education and health care communities. Topics include:

  • Conceptual Learning / Concept-based Curriculum
  • Change Management
  • Student Engagement
  • Developing Critical Thinking/Clinical Judgment
  • Interprofessional education/collaboration
  • Evaluation Strategies
  • Leadership development
  • Other topics on request