NCLEX Success Assessment Survey 2.0 (N-SAS)®

Includes findings from the NCSBN 2020 Report!

What is N-SAS?

N-SAS is a program assessment instrument that provides an unbiased assessment and prioritization plan to align nursing programs with best practices for NCLEX success using the most up-to-date evidence available.

N-SAS assesses the six domains that evidence–including the recently published NCSBN Regulatory Guidelines and Evidence-Based Quality Indicators for Nursing Education Programs study–suggests have the greatest influence on NCLEX scores and nursing program success. Information is collected from a select group of your key administrators and faculty leaders via an online survey. We then analyze the data and develop a prioritized plan of interventions to improve your program’s first-time NCLEX pass rate. This service allows you to quickly and affordably identify and address the issues that will have the biggest impact on your NCLEX scores. With Next Generation NCLEX here, positioning your program for success has never been more important.

The Six Domains of Program Structure that Influence NCLEX Success

How can N-SAS help?

N-SAS is a powerful tool that can help you identify ways to make your nursing program even stronger. The external, unbiased feedback you receive can help you:

    • Determine what to do first when NCLEX pass rates are lower than desired
    • Ensure you’re ready for Next Generation NCLEX
    • Demonstrate to accreditors that you are taking steps to address any issues
    • Address internal biases
    • Continuously improve the quality of your nursing program

 How was N-SAS developed?

Our survey tool has been:

    • Reviewed by content experts, including nurse educators, administrators, and regulators
    • Pilot-tested in a variety of pre-licensure programs
    • Utilized by programs at the PN, ADN, and BSN levels
    • Updated twice to ensure consistency with NCSBN regulatory guidelines and NGN developments

 How does it work?

    • Program leaders, selected by your school, take an online survey
    • We analyze the data
    • We send you a comprehensive report of the findings along with a prioritized plan of focused recommendations
    • We have a conference call with you to provide insights, answer questions, and make recommendations on how to address areas of interest

N-SAS is designed to provide feedback quickly—typically within about two weeks after the survey closes.

Learn more about the evidence behind N-SAS here.

Our customers appreciate the quick, affordable feedback that steers them in the right direction.

“We found the survey very helpful in identifying gaps in our curriculum, suggesting ways to improve faculty governance in issues affecting NCLEX pass rates, and ways to thread critical learning outcomes throughout our curriculum.” –Dr. Maeve Howett, Professor and Associate Dean for Baccalaureate Education, University of Maryland School of Nursing

“The N-SAS tool and recommendations from Collaborative Momentum gave us a very strong start and much-needed direction to support our school’s efforts to elevate our NCLEX performance. The N-SAS tool and ongoing communication and evidence-based strategies shared from Susan and Cathy with their regular newsletters were invaluable in helping our NCLEX scores go from under 40% to over 80% in just one year. Thank you Collaborative Momentum!” –Sandra Boffa, Nursing Program Chair, Northwestern College

“The combination of the N-SAS survey results along with your presentation and participatory two day sessions to prepare faculty for NCLEX success at Cisco College was amazing! The faculty were very engaged and receptive to your evidence-based ideas and suggestions. It truly was just what we needed. There is no doubt it started the momentum for a high score on future NCLEX exams!” –Dr. Pearl Merritt, Regional Dean, Texas Tech University

Please contact us to discuss how N-SAS can help your program.

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