Susan Sportsman

Dr. Susan Sportsman

Susan Sportsman, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN builds upon 40 years of experience as a clinician, educator, and consultant to provide nursing and health professions educators with expert guidance and consultation in the areas of student, faculty, and program performance and leadership development.

Dr. Sportsman has worked as a medical-surgical and psychiatric nurse in hospitals and in the community; she has been a teacher and an administrator in both service and education; and she has consulted for a broad spectrum of colleges and universities throughout North America. Most recently she served as Director of Consulting Services at Elsevier’s Education Division. Prior to that she held positions as Dean of the College of Health Science and Human Services at Midwestern State University; Associate Dean of Nursing at Texas Tech University; and Vice President, Mental Health Programs at Harris Methodist Health System.

Despite the breadth of settings and positions she has held, she finds common themes threaded throughout her career. She states:

“All of these opportunities have informed my practice. However, regardless of the environment in which I was working, there were two that I found most exciting. The first was the opportunity to mentor, teach, and collaborate with others. The second was being able to start something new. Whether it was starting a new public psychiatric hospital or introducing a new program or curriculum (or revising those that were not working), I have always loved finding ways to bring positive change to improve outcomes.”

Dr. Sportsman’s unique mixture of clinical, educational, and business experience has made her a well-respected and sought-after consultant.