Nursing Education Consultants

Welcome to Collaborative Momentum Consulting. We move initiatives, people, and outcomes to the next level by providing the nursing education community with a practical approach to overcoming challenges and achieving success.

“Susy Sportsman’s knowledge and expertise were at a high during our Item Writing Workshop. She was able to bring an easy and non-threatening authority to the topic. The agenda hit all of the key points faculty need to consider when developing rigorous exams. The workshop was organized to provide ample discussion and revision of items which engaged faculty. Many faculty commented on feeling validated for the work we have already done, but had ideas for additional action items needed to increase the rigor of our exams.”
“This in-service gave me a lot of insight of different techniques and ideas on how to teach students without losing interest, but at the same time learning. I always love to hear ideas from others on how they run their classroom and what works with them. I took from this in-service the idea of making learning so much more of hands on and learning with fun.”
“I want to say that this in-service was absolutely the best that I have been on!! I walked away with so many ideas and take away points!”
“Overall, this in-service was one of the most valuable ones I have attended and it was great for coaching instructors.”
“So many of the instructors told me how much they enjoyed your presentation.  They received useful information to take back to the classroom and that pleased them very much.”
“I love your blog entry and found this to be very applicable to how we tend to approach nursing education. We do like to focus on the positive, but without addressing the challenges, or negatives, we really handicap our efforts for success.”