Client Testimonials

“It was great collaborating with you all! You delivered really great work!”

“The N-SAS tool and recommendations from Collaborative Momentum gave us a very strong start and much-needed direction to support our school’s efforts to elevate our NCLEX performance. The N-SAS tool and ongoing communication and evidence-based strategies shared from Susan and Cathy with their regular newsletters were invaluable in helping our NCLEX scores go from under 40% to over 80% in just one year. Thank you Collaborative Momentum!”

“Finding Collaborative Momentum Consulting was my lucky break.  After following dozens of leads, I finally connected with Susan Sportsman, and knew immediately that she was the consultant for us.  She responded promptly, communicated regularly, and demonstrated  a first-hand knowledge of nursing education, accreditation requirements, budgetary and administrative challenges, and how to build a strong BSN program from the ground up.  With Susy’s help, we were able to meet the mandate from our Board of Trustees to create a competitive, academically rigorous baccalaureate program on short order, meeting Pre-requisite and Initial Approval from the Board of Registration in Nursing with time to spare. Susy is also the most competent and delightful person you’ll ever work with: she wowed our trustees, charmed our Chief Financial Officer, and exceeded all of my expectations.  Our first nursing cohort will launch in Fall 2019 due in large part to the hard work and encouraging spirit of the Collaborative Momentum Consulting team.  I’m told that I’m a tough grader, but CMC earns my highest recommendation!”

“The combination of the N-SAS survey results along with your presentation and participatory two day sessions to prepare faculty for NCLEX success at Cisco College was amazing! The faculty were very engaged and receptive to your evidence-based ideas and suggestions. It truly was just what we needed. There is no doubt it started the momentum for a high score on future NCLEX exams!”

“You hit it out of the park as they say! … Keep doing exactly what you are doing! Rarely do I see such a long list of ways faculty plan on modifying their practice as a result of attending a CNE session.”

“I’ve heard so much positive feedback on your presentation! We have many faculty who are committed to expanding their teaching knowledge & skills. You gave them a big boost and a lot to consider in terms of their ongoing development.”

“Susy Sportsman’s knowledge and expertise were at a high during our Item Writing Workshop. She was able to bring an easy and non-threatening authority to the topic. The agenda hit all of the key points faculty need to consider when developing rigorous exams. The workshop was organized to provide ample discussion and revision of items which engaged faculty. Many faculty commented on feeling validated for the work we have already done, but had ideas for additional action items needed to increase the rigor of our exams.”

“This in-service gave me a lot of insight of different techniques and ideas on how to teach students without losing interest, but at the same time learning. I always love to hear ideas from others on how they run their classroom and what works with them. I took from this in-service the idea of making learning so much more of hands on and learning with fun.”

“Thank you so much for helping us enrich the knowledge of our faculty. Your hard work is appreciated more than you know.”

“I want to say that this in-service was absolutely the best that I have been on!! I walked away with so many ideas and take away points!”

“Overall, this in-service was one of the most valuable ones I have attended and it was great for coaching instructors.”

“So many of the instructors told me how much they enjoyed your presentation.  They received useful information to take back to the classroom and that pleased them very much.”

“I love your blog entry and found this to be very applicable to how we tend to approach nursing education. We do like to focus on the positive, but without addressing the challenges, or negatives, we really handicap our efforts for success.”




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