The following resources highlight some of our recent work or supplement the work we do. We hope you find them useful and encourage you to share them in your networks.

NCLEX Success Assessment Survey℠ 2.0 (N-SAS) – Establishing a Valid and Evidence-based Approach to Help Nursing Programs Achieve NCLEX Success Learn more about the evidence base for our popular NCLEX Success Assessment Survey℠ 2.0 (N-SAS) here.

Courageous Leadership Assessment Resources This document contains self-assessments on aspects of courageous leadership.

The Six-Point Cue Card for Handling Conflict This one-page document provides step-by-step guidance on handling any difficult discussion.

Building Nursing Leadership in the Classroom and Beyond This article, co-authored by Pat Yoder-Wise, Karren Kowalski, and Susan Sportsman, introduces their work on the Leadership Trajectory and its importance in developing competent nurse leaders in the classroom and beyond.

Nurse Educators’ Response to COVID-19 Dr. Sportsman wrote a white paper, published by Elsevier, that provides guidance for nurse educators as they adapt their teaching methods in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It addresses NCLEX testing, alternative approaches for clinical teaching, and staying connected while staying socially isolated.

Discussion Board Rubric to Stimulate Higher Order Thinking This table guides the reader in the development of a rubric for online discussion boards. It identifies criteria which represent higher order thinking, as well as behaviors that represent each criterion. The last column identifies specific higher order thinking that can be learned by an excellent post.

Academic Practice Partnerships for Advanced Practice Nurse Education:  A Call to Action”  This article, co-authored by Dr. Sportsman and published in the February, 2018 issue of Nurse Leader, identifies the top workforce planning issues for nursing leaders and discusses trends in RN-to-BSN education as well as new methods to assist with transitioning new nurses into practice settings.

“Concept-Based Curricula: State of the Innovation” This article, co-written by Dr. Sportsman and Tammy Pleasant, MSN, RN, and published in the July, 2017 edition of Teaching and Learning in Nursing, discusses the  strategies necessary to successfully develop, implement and evaluate a Concept-Based Curriculum.

“The Challenges Ahead for Texas Nurse Educators” Dr. Sportsman was part of a Task Force of Team Texas Action Coalition Committee working to increase the number of nurse educators available to teach in nursing programs. This White Paper written by the task force outlines strategies that Texas should take to increase the availability of nurse educators.

“Campaign for Action” Also produced by the Team Texas Action Coalition Committee is a video highlighting the benefits of working as a Nurse Educator.  We encourage you to share this video in your network in order to encourage nurses to consider nursing education as a career option.